About Sweet Equity

About Sweet Equity

Sweet Equity Media is a virtual newsroom designed to expand the platform created by the award-winning raceAhead newsletter, published by Fortune. It was created by Ellen McGirt in 2016 and covers race, culture, power, and inclusive leadership through a business lens.

Through the flagship product, a subscriber-supported newsletter, Sweet Equity Media will commission reported, original journalism that delves into inequities that impact the talent pipeline from birth to C-Suite. This includes a deeper understanding of how inequities play out in the systems that impact BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other under-resourced communities. These include health, education, food, criminal justice, banking and lending, and the workforce.

Where we’re going

Looking ahead, Sweet Equity Media will invest in local journalism that explores these issues as they play out in communities living in news deserts, to help them better understand the forces shaping their lives, and to become more informed voters and self-advocates.

We will also be exploring new and creative storytelling forms to better inform, inspire, and engage everyone.

About our name

Sweet Equity Media is dedicated to clear theory of change: We believe that journalism is a global public good, and that accurate information is a cornerstone of healthy civic engagement. We also understand that by reporting on big systems — business, governments, criminal justice, health and other public institutions — we can gain valuable insights into how long-held barriers to equity can be understood and removed.

But we also believe in paying people for their work, particularly the talented professionals who have been overlooked by primarily white newsrooms. We are not here for the sweat equity okey-doke.